Information for use in indentifying, treating and understanding the kennedy terminal ulcer
Tony Anderson

About the original
Webmaster of 2001

I would sincerely like to thank Tony Anderson who created the original website in 2001.

In January 1997 during my employment of twenty-six years at the Byron Health Center Tony was admitted.

April 16, 1996 he suffered a C5-6 spinal cord injury in an auto accident while taking his daughter to school. They were struck by a driver trying to cross a two-lane highway. The accident left Tony paralyzed from the neck down and wheelchair bound. His daughter was uninjured.

In 1999 he became interested in computers and bought his first laptop. In 2000 he heard of the Kennedy Terminal Ulcer through one of the nurses in the facility. He had wanted to create a Web Site and thought this was a perfect venue. He asked several times to start the Kennedy Terminal Ulcer web site but was declined. Through his perseverance he convinced me to get the message out to help others.

Without the help of this wonderful patient, who himself suffers from pressure ulcers, this web site would have never come to fruition. Thank you Tony!

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